Selecting a Competent Surveyor

When selecting an asbestos surveyor to carry out a survey it is important the surveyor is competent to carry out the work

To be competent, the ‘surveyor’ must:

Have sufficient training, qualifications, knowledge, experience and ability to carry  out their duties in relation to the survey and to recognise their limitations;

Have sufficient knowledge of the specific tasks to be undertaken and the risks  which the work will entail;

Be able to demonstrate independence, impartiality and integrity;

Have an adequate quality management system;

Carry out the survey in accordance with recommended guidance ( HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide).

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Training & Experience

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) strongly recommends the use of accredited or certificated surveyors for asbestos surveys. The dutyholder should not appoint or instruct an independent surveyor to carry out a survey unless the surveyor is competent.

Surveyors should have training and experience in all aspects of survey work including survey planning, resources, technical specification, quality control and ACM assessment criteria.

The asbestos surveyor needs knowledge of asbestos products (e.g. their nature, uses, hazards, sampling techniques) and also knowledge of building construction, construction methods, fire protection and the various uses of buildings.

Surveyors should be aware of the different forms of building construction (e.g. system build, traditional, industrial) and how construction techniques affect asbestos use. Surveyors should also have knowledge of the use of ACMs in fire protection systems and the effect of building services on the distribution and location of ACMs.

It is a requirement of HSG264 that all surveying organisations have a quality management system.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service, UKAS accredits organisations and is currently the only accreditation scheme available to surveying companies.Several accreditation schemes that accredit individuals, such as ABICS and NIACS have ceased to exist.


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