Asbestos ReInspections

We work throughout the UK, servicing clients across a wide variety of sectors

We offer asbestos reinspections throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

EMS are qualified and experienced asbestos consultants, able to undertake reinspection surveys and manage portfolios on behalf of clients.

We work throughout the UK, servicing clients across a wide variety of sectors including retail, social housing, manufacturing and the public sector. We provide assurance, compliance and management of our clients’ reinspection programmes.

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What is An Asbestos Reinspection Survey?

Asbestos reinspections are required to ensure all the asbestos within a property is still in a safe condition to leave in place.

These checks are required at a minimum of a 12 monthly basis and involve undertaking an inspection of every identified or presumed asbestos material in the property.

The Regulations involved in Asbestos Reinspections

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012: Regulation 4, places a legal ‘Duty to Manage’ asbestos in all non-domestic buildings. As part of this, all employers and building owners must make sure any asbestos is safe to leave in place.

The initial survey is only the first step of management. Whilst hopefully controls are in place to prevent accidental damage, monitoring the condition of the material is a key element of effective asbestos management. More information on managing asbestos can be found here

The HSE guidance clearly states these reinspections should be completed on a minimum of a 12monthly basis.

How Is A Reinspection Asbestos Survey Carried Out?

There is no requirement for a ‘new’ or ‘updated’ management survey on a property every year as long as records are managed and reinspections are carried out.

A reinspection will use the existing data from the building and revisit all locations of identified, proven, suspected and presumed areas with asbestos materials. A new photograph will be obtained, and a condition of the material assessed.

EMS do not need to have undertaken the original survey; EMS just need the known and historical data from the site.

How Often Does A Reinspection Survey Need To Be Carried Out?

The HSE state that: ‘previously identified asbestos items must be inspected at a minimum of at least every 12-months’

Can I Undertake A Reinspection Asbestos Survey Myself?

Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR2012) emphasises the need for the person undertaking a reinspection to have sufficient competency to undertake the assessment. They are required to have sufficient:

Information & | Training | & Instruction

EMS surveyors are competent, experienced and a minimum of P402 qualified and are able to unsure that reinspection surveys are undertaken to the competent standard required.

A reinspection survey requires a visual inspection and reassessment of risk based on the materials condition, type and location. In order to ensure that the re-inspection is assessed correctly, it is recommended that utilising an asbestos consultant with the knowledge and professional qualification required to appropriately assess the material is utilised.

This allow you peace of mind and a clear report with any necessary recommendations as required, and continuing support regarding remedial actions

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Is A Reinspection Asbestos Survey the Same as a Management Survey?

No, a Reinspection Asbestos Survey is not the same as a Management Asbestos Survey.The purpose of an Asbestos Reinspection Survey is to reinspect previously identified asbestos containing materials. These materials may have been identified in a previous management, refurbishment or demolition level asbestos survey.

The purpose of a reinspection survey is to check the previously identified materials condition and inspect for any signs of deterioration of the materials overall condition. Asbestos containing materials are often deemed safe to remain in situ, as long as they are in good condition.

A deterioration in condition of the material may mean that it is no longer safe to remain in its current position. Reasons for this can include damage, such as:

fire or water damage

General wear and tear, and age

Placement of the product

This is why it is a legal requirement to reinspect previously identified materials at a minimum of every twelve months. A reinspection asbestos survey will assess the condition of this material and unsure it is safe to remain in situ or if remedial action is required.

What Will EMS Provide

As part of the service EMS provides client for ongoing reinspection programmes and surveys we will provide you with an up to date asbestos register, updated photographs of materials, and recommendations based on their condition, type and placement to ensure you are able to safely manage the material.

We provide:

A review of your current asbestos records

Re-inspection of your site and update of relevant records and registers

Review of your asbestos management and policies and recommendations as appropriate

Support with remedial works required or analytical services

Annual reminders to ensure that your re-inspection are undertaken within the 12 month time free set by the HSE

Online Project Asbestos management software if required

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EMS Experience

EMS have experience completing reinspection surveys and programmes across a wide variety of sectors and complex buildings. These include retail portfolios, house associations, public sector buildings, schools, complex industrial sites and factories, hospitals and commercial properties.

We survey on average over 2500 buildings annually for re-inspection purposes.

EMS Coverage – UK Wide

EMS provide coverage throughout the UK for our clients with national property portfolios.

Contact EMS for advice and information on managing your asbestos re-inspection programme.


here to assist you from initial risk assessment through to ongoing management and remediation

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