Bulk Sample Analysis

We offer following asbestos testing services at our in-house laboratory

What is Asbestos Sample Testing or Bulk Sample Analysis?

Asbestos sample testing is the process of testing a sample of suspect asbestos containing material for asbestos material or fibres. Asbestos samples are analysed by EMS using stereo microscopy, polarised light microscopy and dispersion staining. We are also able to offer water absorption testing (water absorption is a non-accredited activity).

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Why is Asbestos Sample Testing Required?

Asbestos sample testing is generally required to ascertain if asbestos is present in materials which have been sampled and suspected to contain asbestos.

This can be as part of an asbestos survey (bulk sampling) or a singular sample (single sample) of a material which is suspected to contain asbestos.

If analysis of the samples demonstrates that asbestos is present, the analysis will also identify what type of asbestos is present within the sample.

How EMS Analysts can Help:

EMS’s highly qualified analysts have years of experience analysing asbestos samples and the wider asbestos industry. This allows us to provide tailored and bespoke solutions to help clients seek the best remedial actions and solve often unique and complex asbestos problems. As part of our analysis services, we offer advice and guidance to our clients including interpretation of results.

Our analysts are able to travel to take samples on behalf of clients and cover the whole of the UK. We have asbestos analysts and asbestos consultants based throughout the UK.

here to assist you from initial risk assessment through to ongoing management and remediation

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