Asbestos Surveys Worcester

We offer high quality environmental consultancy services

EMS are perfectly placed to serve Worcestershire and the West Midlands.

We have an office base located in the centre of Worcester, supported by our Herefordshire Head Office and additional office locations in Cardiff and London.

Environmental Management Solutions was established in 2003 with the objective of offering a broad, high quality environmental consultancy service. EMS’s commitment to be a market leader in industry standards has undoubtedly contributed to its substantial growth year on year, to become a nationally recognised asbestos surveying consultancy.

The business has expanded to a multi-departmental environmental consultancy working throughout the UK and Europe and continuing to grow. EMS have always believed in undertaking work to the highest standard. EMS boast an excellent record of return customers and client retention, including clients who we first worked with in 2003.

Our Worcestershire Office Address: County House, St Mary’s Street, Worcester, WR1 1HB

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How Can EMS Asbestos Help?

Our dedicated team of administrative staff and highly qualified surveyors and analysts are able to assist you on a wide range of environmental solutions. These include:

Asbestos Surveys of all levels

Asbestos Surveys are required for many reasons; there is a legal duty for all non-domestic properties, which is normally satisfied with a management level asbestos survey. Refurbishment and Demolition asbestos surveys are required to all properties prior to works. Asbestos Surveys are carried in accordance with HSE guidance HSSG264: Asbestos: The Survey Guide. The initial survey is only the first step of asbestos management. As part of the ongoing process, regular at least every 12 months Reinspection Surveys must be carried out of all asbestos containing materials (ACM’s). EMS also offer Re-Inspection asbestos surveys.


Asbestos Management Plans (AMP) aim to prevent the disturbance of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) and prevent exposure to individuals and employees who may be at risk of coming into contact with them. EMS work closely with our clients to develop, initiate and maintain an asbestos management plan proportionate to their business and the products identified.

EMS provide the following Asbestos Air Monitoring Services:• Four Stage Asbestos Clearance Testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide) including work area/enclosure visual examination, clearance indicator air test and decontamination unit reassurance air testing as required

• Reassurance Air testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)

• Leak air testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)• Background Air Testing to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)

• Personal Air Monitoring to HSG 248 (The Analysts Guide)

• Boundary monitoring during remediation of external ground contamination to HSG 248

Online Asbestos Management Software

EMS use a dedicated database software system to manage asbestos reporting system online. This system is called alphaTracker and provides electronic processing of data throughout the entire surveying process. alphaTracker also provides our clients with a Client Portal option to manage their asbestos record online.

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