EMS Become Lighthouse Charity Company Supporters

EMS have recently pledged our support to  become a company sponsor of Lighthouse Construction Industry Trust. The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. They receive no public funding and rely on the generosity of those within in the industry, which is why EMS are proud to have become a company sponsor.

As part of our focus on providing a providing a range of wellbeing support measures and networks to our own staff, sponsoring the Lighthouse Trust was important to us.

A crucial element of Lighthouse’s strategy is to provide a  range of free and widely available pro-active resources to support the industry. These include:

24/7 Construction Industry Helpline

A free and confidential 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline The helpline provides the first point of contact for those who need to access a range of completely confidential support services.

Construction Industry Helpline App

The 24/7 helpline is complemented by Lighthouse’s free Construction Industry Helpline App which is the ultimate self help tool. It is aimed at those who may not feel comfortable speaking with someone or would like more information about how they can help themselves before taking the next step in seeking professional help.

Text HARDHAT service

This is aimed at those who aren’t comfortable talking. Lighthouse’s  24/7 text service gives immediate access to text back counselling.


Lighthouse have identified over 160 volunteer centres where workers can drop in to meet like-minded people and socialise and talk in a confidential environment. The Beacons are  facilitated by individuals with lived experiences and are  able to encourage those struggling with life problems

Construction Focused Wellbeing and Mental Health Training

Lighthouse also offer a variety of free construction focused training programmes ranging from hour long interactive wellbeing sessions through to the MHFA England approved Mental Health First Aider course.

As part of our 20th Birthday celebrations in 2023, EMS are planning to organise a company celebration and fundraising event for the charity, to tie in with our big day in early Autumn. We have already made a cash donation to the charity to pledge our support but are hoping to raise further funds with this event and spread the word about the support that Lighthouse offer and their mission ‘that no construction worker or their family should be alone in a crisis’.

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